About Us

Shortway Sounds is owned and operated by Dr. Windee Weiss and Dr. Chris Shortway.

Dr. Windee Weiss is a former Class I/Level 10 gymnast and J.O. National Team Member, is currently a National rated women’s gymnastics judge, and has nearly 20 years of gymnastics choreography experience. Windee has created floor routines for gymnasts of all ages and all competitive levels in several states, including Illinois, Iowa, Virginia, Nebraska, and Massachusetts. Windee is very proud to say that several of her floor routines have gone on to win state and regional floor championships- thanks to the hard work of some great gymnasts!

Dr. Chris Shortway received his Ph.D. in Music Composition from the University of Iowa, specializing in electronic music. He completed his B.A. at the University of Virginia and his M.M. at the University of Northern Iowa. Chris has worked as the composer and sound editor for the University of Iowa Dance Department, and was the recipient of a Ballard Seashore Dissertation Year Fellowship. His compositions have been performed across the country.