We offer choreography services as well!

Windee Weiss (co-owner of Shortway Sounds) is a former Class I/Level 10 gymnast and J.O. National Team Member, is currently a National rated women’s gymnastics judge, and has nearly 20 years of gymnastics choreography experience. Windee has created floor routines for gymnasts of all ages and all competitive levels in several states, including Illinois, Iowa, Virginia, Nebraska, and Massachusetts. Windee is very proud to say that several of her floor routines have gone on to win state and regional floor championships- thanks to the hard work of some great gymnasts!

Choreography Pricing Information

Choreography – Levels 9 & 10
Choreography – Level 8
Choreography – Levels 6 & 7
Choreography – Xcel Platinum/Diamond
Choreography – Xcel Gold
Choreography – Xcel Silver
Choreography – Xcel Bronze

Here is how it works:
Please complete the Choreography Questionnaire regarding each gymnast’s dance experience, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Please also indicate which piece of music your gymnast has selected.

I will then create an original floor routine based on the information gained from the questionnaire and any additional information you would like to provide.

Travel Option

I can come to your gymnastics club to teach the floor routine. Due to costs/additional expenses, it usually works best if we can coordinate it so that multiple gymnasts from one gym learn the floor routines during the same visit. I teach 2 gymnasts their floor routines in 3-3 1⁄2 hour time blocks. This way, I could potentially teach 6 gymnasts their routines on day 1, the remaining 2 gymnasts on day 2, and have time for a review session with all gymnasts. This way, we can divide the additional expenses (e.g., travel costs, hotel) across all 8 gymnasts getting new floor routines.

Video Option

If you would like, I can send you a video of myself performing the choreography. You can then work with your coach to learn the routine. This is the most cost effective option, because it eliminates the additional travel expenses.